Luxury through History


The name of the Gómez family has always been linked to the handcraft tradition of Toledo and its most characteristic technique, damascene.

 The knowledge of several generations and a particular vision in the creation of new articles led Ángel GómezAlonso to found the company Creaciones Dángel in 1965, initially specialising in thereproduction of works of art in a small workshop no bigger than 25 m2.In 1975, and after a major investment in technology, Creaciones Dángel was renamedCREDAN and became an industrialised company which, without forgetting its craftorigins and based on a carefully-chosen human team, began its adventure in othermarkets.

 Thus, it managed to place its products in the most prestigious shops around the world.The quality of the raw materials used (including 24-carat gold) and the refinement and elegance of the finished products, helped to rapidly spread CREDAN’s reputation around the entire world. Kings, princes, sheikhs, ambassadors and the most prestigious figures soon became loyal customers of CREDAN.This tradition of elegance, quality, craftsmanship and historical inspiration can still beseen in all the articles manufactured by CREDAN.